Tuesday 19th January

2015 ……..the MNF so far

As you will be aware the tragic accident that led to the formation of this foundation took place on 19 January 2015.

Our main aim is to continue Maryams' legacy of helping those less fortunate, with a specific focus on children living in Scotland. We have been overwhelmed by not only the love and support of those around us, but the extremely generous donations from friends, family and strangers. This is testament to the incredible person Maryam was.

The fundraising efforts of those who support the foundation has also been extraordinary and to mention a few of the events that supporters have held include to list a few:

- Football tournaments
- Line dancing
- Tough Mudder
- Gymnastics displays
- Toddler sponsor walk
- Tea and coffee mornings
- Book sales

We are eternally grateful for those willing to give up their time to fundraise for a cause so close to our hearts. As we look towards 2016 we already have many more events to look forward to, please keep an eye on twitter and the website for more updates.

Having received charitable status in the latter part of 2015 and having already raised a considerable amount of funds we wanted to distribute some funds in the run up to Christmas when those in need are at their most vulnerable.

After learning of the GK Experience through Clyde1's Cash for Kids we were determined to help the young disadvantaged children whom the GK Experience has contact with. We were able to plug some of the funding gaps for the most basic on needs including food hampers, school uniforms and some Christmas goodies. We have seen some of these families' hardships first hand and with the GK Experience ensure that we continue to support them.

As you can imagine this past year has been extremely difficult, however seeing the benefits this charity has already made to Glasgow families has bolstered our drive and commitment to really make a difference.

Thank You.
The Najafian's

Saturday 13th June

Are you tough enough?

It is with great pleasure that we can announce there will be a team called Maryam Najafian Foundation participating in this years Tough Mudder. To find out more please visit the Tough Mudder website here and contact us via the contact page to register an interest in participating as part of our team!

Of course if Tough Mudder sounds a little too much for you - please continue to donate to the foundation. Your wonderful and kind support continues to provide our family with real inspiration.

Thank You.
The Najafian's


Sunday 1st March 2015

Dearest friends of the MNF,

It has been less than one month since this website went live, with the stated aim of ensuring Maryam's legacy of caring for other people lives on.

We are delighted to report that we as a family we have been completely overwhelmed by the level of generosity and kindness exemplified by all those who have taken the time to visit this website.

Over 11,000 individuals have visited these pages, culminating in an extraordinary donation total of in excess of £8,000 thus far and counting.

We are so grateful for the support that the foundation has received to date. Support from those who knew Maryam well, those who knew of Maryam, and those who didn't know Maryam, but could identify with her dedication to teaching and to caring for others.

However, this is just the beginning.

We already have several individuals and groups fund raising in their own way. Our first scheduled group activity for the MNF is Tough Mudder on Saturday June 20th. We already have a huge team signed up to fund raise on behalf of the MNF, but if you would like to join in you can register with our team at Maryamnajafianfoundation.

In order to ensure a lasting legacy is in place, we are actively planning how and where best to utilise the fund towards the betterment of children's lives and to assist those dealing with head injuries.

I would urge you to stay tuned for further updates as these plans firm up over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please share this website with friends, family and colleagues, and follow our Twitter account for regular updates. Or moreover if you have any suggestions on how this money could be utilised please feel free to contact us.

Your kindness, generosity and words of comfort have provided our family with much solace in these most tripping of times.

Thank you.
The Najafian's